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Stylish ethical workwear

Posted on January 28 2016

Picking your work clothes is no easy task when it comes to styling a trendy and yet comfortable outfit. When we bring the question of ethical in the topic, it gets even harder. The easiest thing to do is to buy a bunch of garments, but the difficulty comes when we have to combine them and if they will actually all go together. In order to make your mornings happier, easier and more enjoyable, we have decided to suggest three different ethical styling ideas to pick from and create your favourite look. This will lead to less stress in the morning and will hopefully bring you more successful and productive day!


The classic sophisticated look

If the heels, skirt and top are the must-haves in your everyday outfit then this is the perfect styling for you! Our tip here is to wear statement accessories in order to make the look more outstanding. Pick Komodo's organic cotton jacket and skirt in tweed. Add a roll neck tee in wine and finish the look with statement accessories - ring hoop earrings and tote bag.



Fashionable & Glamorous

Our second style is for those who love to experiment and incorporate the latest trends into their everyday styling and yet to keep the office vibes in. We suggest a combination of a striped wrap coat with wool jumper and tencel trousers. The perfect jewellery for this outfit is a Deco pendant necklace and a mini ring. Add a cross body bag to finish the look.



Chic office-appropriate

You have individuality and want to follow your own unique style and at the same time to look like a professional businesswoman. You are the type of woman that wants to choose her clothes that suit her style and personality. We have suggested an outfit combination of this beautiful embroidered hemp organic top and high waist trousers. Add a gold-tone bangle and a leather purse and you will definitely stand out in the crowd.



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