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The message behind the colours of the year

Posted on January 14 2016

Pure pastel shades were picked for the colours of the year 


Colour is such an influential part of fashion and it plays an important role in the presence of every collection. Trending colours are as important as trends themselves. Picking the right shade is as crucial as making the right cut and styling the outfit with the appropriate accessories. Colour isn’t only connected to fashion but it also creates a message in people’s behaviour towards you. People will respond to the colour message flashed by the clothes within seconds of meeting you.


What do those colours mean?

Pale pink and baby blue are the shades of 2016. For a first time, Pantone has released two shades as colour of the year instead of one. Both colours are gentle pastel shades that may be recognised as a reflection of wellness and serenity. We can be sure that those subtle shades will bring our mood up. One of the philosophies behind the shade of the colours is touching the topic of the fast-paced lives of the people. This season’s colour palette will stand against the hectic daily lives and emotionally move us to a calmer, relaxing place. The other way to look at those shades is blending the colour palette of men’s and women’s collections, blurring the gender differences.


The colour presence in our collection

Those two shades bring us back to the pastel mood, which was one of the top trends in the past couple of seasons. Fashion designers may embrace those colours and include them in the softer palettes of their collections engaging easily in combinations with other colours. Pairing them both will also make a nice soft combination. Our new SS 2016 collection touches on the pastel palette and brings a variety of subtle hues of the Rose Quartz. We have included it as a main colour and also as an accent and we have also blended it into our unique space prints. Here is a small preview of our upcoming collection that will be available in mid-February! Until then enjoy our great bargains on SALE now!






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