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DUNN Mens indigo jeans by MUD

Size Guide
  • Regularfit

    Tapered leg

    Button fly

    Deep Indigo finish

    40% recycled jeans, 60% organic cotton.

    Recycled denim
    The recycled denim used for this pair of jeans comes from Royo.

    Organic Cotton
    We are proud to be using organic cotton in our sustainable clothing. This means no chemicals are used in the process of growing the cotton. Not harming the lives of hardworkingfarmer.

    No Chemical or Stone Washing
    These jeans have been laser finished. This process requires no water,reducesthe manual labour and eliminates use of harmful that more traditional denim finishing techniques require. Also the denim is left stronger because the yarns are less damaged.

    Made in Tunisia
    These jeans are made in Tunisia, in Touza.

    Return the jeans
    Once you donãt wear your Regular Dunn anymore, please send the jeans back to us. We will recycle them into new items. The good news for you: You get a discount on your next MUD Jeans purchase.

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