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Cotton is the most pesticide dependent crop in the world.
Every T-shirt uses a quarter-pounders worth of toxic chemicals.
Organic cotton uses non. It's better for the land, the water and the people... All our Organic Cotton is GOTS certified - Joe Komodo says... Be Nice !

Hemp fibre comes from the cannabis sativa plant which grows densly and swiftly in poor soil to a height of 4 meters giving a yield 3 to 4 times more than most substitues (like cotton) without the need of agro-chemicals. The plants do this by capturing very high levels of carbon dioxide. It is also the most useful plant on the planet. All our Hemp fabrics are GOTS certified. Joe Komodo says... Hemp Works ! 
















Bamboo - Smooth and luxurious to the touch, bamboo fabric keeps you cool in high temperatures, while warming you when it's cold. The fastest growing plant in the world, it thrives naturally without need of fertilizers or pesticides and needs very little water. It's yeild is 10 times that of a cotton crop, which is great news for the soil too. Click here for more info - Joe Komodo says... Grow baby grow !

Rayon is made from sustainable tree cellulose - it is not synthetic !
Invented in Paris over 100 years ago, it's name derives from a word meaning 'Rays of Light' because it's so good at showing colours without needing hard dyes and softners. Click here for more info - Joe Komodo says... Shine On !

Soya fibre is made from the waste that comes from Soya bean cake after Tofu and other foods are made,
it's the only plant protein fibre, so it's healthy to wear. It dyes, washes and dries more easily than other
natural fabrics and it doesn't shrink or crease - Joe Komodo says... Try it... you'll feel delicious !

Linen yarns come from Flax plants - it is a historically prestigious fabric taking many skills to process it.
It's very breathable, ideal in warm weather and has a distinguished natural look and feel - Joe Komodo says - Perfect with a cup of tea !



Tencel is an award winning Eco Fibre made from tree cellulose farmed on wasteland.
It is highly economical in its use of energy and natural resources, it is bio-degradable and it feels great. Click here for more info - Joe Komodo says... Sell Tencel 






Recycled Rubber is what we use for the sole units of our shoes. For every 2 pairs of Komodo's we save another old tyre, from the landfill or the bonfire. Makes you wonder who's wearing the other half of this one - whoever it is, might be your sole mate! - Joe Komodo says... Eat, Pray, Love... Go for a walk!


Wool - Komodo does not use man made substitues or blended yarns. Our wool is 100% pure and is sourced from countries that do not practise Muesling. Please note however, our wool is not currently certified organic - this is something we are working on and hope to have in production in the very near future. Our wool garments are often hand knitted and always hand finished this means every piece can have minor variations which is a sign of it's individuality.... not an imperfection! - Joe Komodo says... Vive la difference