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PY Gloves

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Nothing keeps you warm like pure, natural fibres. These simple knit gloves by ethical fashion brand Komodo are made from soft Alpaca wool. Hand finished in Nepal, made from the fine, soft Alpaca wool. The yarn carries the Woolmark quality certificate and is certified from non-mulesed sources. 

Fabric Content: 70% Wool / 20% Alpaca / 10% Acrylic

Care: Cool hand wash

BlissIfully lightweight but wonderfully warm, our Merino knits can be worn whatever the occasion - our huge range of colours and shapes only proves that. Plus, they are all certified by The Woolmark Company, so you can be rest assured that the quality is the very best. And perhaps best of all, theyãre a cinch to care for - simply pop it in the washing machine. The Woolmark symbol is a Certification mark in many countries.

Komodo Extra Fine Merino Wool

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