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Men's Organic Jumpers

Surely a key staple of every man's wardrobe, Komodo offer a wide selection of knitwear, jumpers & sweaters. Made with ethical organic cotton & wool, our knitwear is guaranteed to last year upon year and keep you looking stylish.

BAADAL Jumper £45.00 GBP £70.00 GBP
VEER Jumper Silver £45.00 GBP £75.00 GBP
HECK Cotton Funnel Neck Sweat Shirt £45.00 GBP £75.00 GBP

ROUX Merino Wool Jumper £50.00 GBP £75.00 GBP
COLE Wool Jumper £45.00 GBP £67.50 GBP
RENO Wool Jumper £60.00 GBP £100.00 GBP

NIXON Merino Wool Jumper £50.00 GBP £70.00 GBP
NEPAL Organic Cotton Sweatshirt £25.00 GBP £50.00 GBP