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Women's Organic Trousers & Shorts

The versatility & styling options that come with trousers and shorts are just a small part of why they're so key in every woman's wardrobe. Here we have a style for everyone, from leggings and loungewear, to organic denim and eco-friendly outfits fit for the office. Dress them up or down and always remain eco friendly.

BATIK Trousers Navy £40.00 GBP £70.00 GBP

BATIK Trousers Black £40.00 GBP £70.00 GBP
BATIK Trousers Blue £40.00 GBP £70.00 GBP
BATIK Trousers Beige £40.00 GBP £70.00 GBP

OJAS Trousers £50.00 GBP £85.00 GBP
OJAS Trousers £40.00 GBP £67.50 GBP
JUNA Trousers £50.00 GBP £80.00 GBP

THANA Shorts £30.00 GBP £47.50 GBP
ALLIA Trousers £50.00 GBP £75.00 GBP

NALO Trousers £55.00 GBP £85.00 GBP
GAMA Trousers £50.00 GBP £75.00 GBP
EVA Jumpsuit Rayon £65.00 GBP £100.00 GBP

KOBI Tencel Trousers £50.00 GBP £75.00 GBP
GEOS Organic Cotton Joggers £55.00 GBP £80.00 GBP
LAZARO Tencel Linen Jogger £35.00 GBP £70.00 GBP