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The Original Ethical Brand Since '88

That's a bold claim... Who are these guys ? What’s the story ?

We worked to develop and promote hemp fibres, bamboo, hand spun cruelty free wool and were fully invested in the earliest days of organic cotton. We presented Tibetan designers and their style at Paris fashion fairs, we climbed mountains and raised funds to build schools, planted trees and save Orangutans... all thanks to the support of our lovely followers and friends.

As we've grown out of our party days, our focus is more on cleaner fabrics and better processes and along with a few other brands pushed the issues, led the way and banged the drum for what gradually became known as eco, green, sustainable or ethical fashion. Now, finally, the world is catching on and thankfully more brands, stores and platforms across the fashion spectrum have heard the call to shape up and take responsibility for their heavy footprints... it’s high time! 

We feel whilst it’s our privilege to dress up in style, it must be our responsibility to ensure that style is sustainable, otherwise you can only look good on the outside. In the end that’s basically what we're all about ! 

Images from the Komodo archive...

Komodo sailing team / British Olympic snowboarder Jenny Jones & friends / Jamiroquai / Joe Komodo - The first snowboarder in Tibet...

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