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Wholesale Enquiries

Image: Ethical Fashion Show Berlin / Messe Frankfurt - June 2016

Autumn & Winter ‘17


We will be previewing our AW17 collection at the following trade shows this season...


17th - 19th January 2017 : Ethical Fashion Show Berlin

22th -23rd January 2017 : Mint, Modefabriek Amsterdam

12th - 14th February 2017: Foundation Ethical Showroom, London

21th -23rd January 2017 : Innatex, Hofheim-Wallau, Germany

1st - 3rd February 2017 : CIFF, Copenhagen, Denmark



To book an appointment or to arrange a meeting with one of our sales agents please contact us via the form below or call on +44 207 722 3523

Spring & Summer '17 womenswear lookbook...

The Komodo brand was launched back in 1988... made in Bali for the edgy street fashion scene in UK and Japan. We pride ourselves on a reputation of being a fashion brand who turned our hand to Green and Ethical, rather than many eco brands who tuned to fashion.

Today we still work with many of the same people in our team and even some clients from back in the day. Over the years and currently we serve some great stores all over Europe but also in Japan, Asia, North America and even Australasia... We love spreading our wings ! 


We are a wholesale brand first and foremost, so we have always done all we can to support our retail clients - this includes keeping our prices fair on our web shop through the season and observing european sale periods. We know that loyalty and long term relationships make the most sustainable business and thats the real deal !  

So, please get in touch and ask any questions you may have about ... We have a friendly and efficient shipping policy and helpful guides to start ups.


Here's a selection of our favorite stockists... we hope you will join them soon.

Cheerio - Komodo Joe...

Featured Stores


NUKUHIVA, Netherlands

Concerned with a lot of ethical issues, particularly recycling. It is such a waste that so many clothes are thrown away. They support brands that recycle fabrics into beautiful new items (read more).



Born in September 2012 its central mission is to seek out and promote fashion brands with true integrity, whilst carefully curating the selection to ensure style comes first (read more).

Juttu inside


JUTTU, Belgium

Offers more than 100 different brands in fashion, home and food. All of their brands have a story to tell, a 'Juttu'. Whether they produce locally, started from an original idea, produce environmentally friendly, have a specific approach or are socially engaged: they all have something to share (read more).




With a strong focus on using eco and vegan materials, promoting a urban eco and ethical lifestyle is a the heart of their lovely concept(read more).




With a triple-friendly concept: All the products are human, animal and environmentally friendly. Fashion is even more fun when one takes responsibility. DearGoods provides consumer without exploitation (read more).

Modetic Fashion



Concerned about the impact of there activity on the environment, they are specialized in eco, ethical, fair, local items. You will be able to find some awesome eco fabrics there like organic coton, hemp, linen etc. (read more)

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