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Bali Circus

Bali CIrcus Logo

Founded in 2012 by Nadia Lala, Bali Circus is the first and only circus school in Indonesia.

In 1997, Nadia was a French fashion student looking for an internship in London and started her career designing for Komodo.

A year later, she discovered a wonderful new hobby - juggling! Most evenings, she trained at the National Centre of Circus Art in Hoxton in various circus arts, including flying trapeze. After her first Komodo design mission to Bali she did what we all do - she fell in love with it and not long after... She left us to join the Circus !

The Bali Circus mission is to bring together the children of the world and enhance their happiness, confidence and well being through their fun, creative and active art programs.

Joe Komodo says ...  "And I thought this was a juggling act !"

Children at Bali Circus
Children at Bali Circus