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Komodo gives any faulty garments to the UK's largest children's charity.

Barnado's believe in the potential in every child and young person, no matter who they are, what they have done or what they have been through.


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Their mission is to bring out the very best in every child whether the issue is child poverty, sexual exploitation, disability or domestic violence.

Barnardo's works directly with 240,000 children, young people and families every year. They runover 960 vital servicesacross the UK, including counselling for children who have been abused, fostering and adoption services, vocational training and disability inclusion groups.

They lobby the government using original research based on the direct work they do with children and young people.

They campaign to raise public awareness of the diverse work Barnardo’s does to transform the lives of vulnerable children.

Support Barnado's by becoming a volunteer, buying from their shops or donating.

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