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November 23, 2018 2 min read

Are you looking for beautiful, eco denim?

We all wear and love jeans but.. What's better than a trendy eco denim?

Look no further and say hello to your new favourite jeans... MUD Jeans is happy to present you the last collection.

What is MUD Jeans?

MUD Jeans is an award winning Dutch circular denim brand which focuses its supply chain on circular fashion.

As a 23 year old Bert van Son, CEO of MUD Jeans moved to China to work in the textile industry. His 30 years of experience in the fashion industry made him see the impact that fast fashion has on the environment and its factory workers. It made him believe that there is an alternative way. In 2013 he introduced Lease A Jeans, an innovative approach to offer guilt-free consumption.

What is Circular Fashion?

What is Circular Fashion?

MUD Jeans is waiting to see your jeans back after use to recycle or upcycle them into a new product.

Recycling means taking back your old, worn out MUD jeans, shredding them and blending with virgin organic cotton... A new denim yarn is born!

Upcycling is taking returned jeans when you are finished with them and then selling them as a unique vintage pair ready to buy.

This is what we call Circular fashion. We believe it is the future... For your involvement and support of this you receive a discount off your next pair.

Why are they ethical?

MUD Jeans are made from organic and recycled cotton; they are produced in fair factories, without chemical bleaching or stone washing.

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