What Vegans Wear On Their Feet

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November 23, 2018 1 min read

Great news for all veggies who love shoes!

This summer, all our shoes are 100% vegan, wholly natural and cruelty-free. This means that, rather than containing animal products, all our shoes are made from other innovative materials that are good for you, the environment - and of course for the animals.

For example, we use a blend of organic cotton and hemp for the uppers. Hemp fibre is inherently anti-microbial and inhibits bacteria growth which is of course especially useful for summer shoes. It is thermo-conductive and keeps your skin cool, it is strong and resistant, and it is cultivated without pesticides.

For the insoles, we mix EVA from old flip flops with sustainable natural rubber which is then molded and covered in cool, natural cotton.

The soles of our shoes are made from upcycled tyres and for every two pairs of shoes we save another old tyre from the landfill or the bonfire.

Of course we also make sure that any dye or glue that is used in the production of our shoes is free from animals products as well and we do not use any materials that have been tested on animals.

On top of that, for every pair of shoes you buy, Komodo will plant bamboo sapling – isn’t that great news?

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