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November 23, 2018 4 min read

Welcome to our Stockist Spotlight presentations! We will be sharing with you some of our stockists and their lovely stores that are spread all around the world...

Our first stockist JUTTU in Belgium.

JUTTU, which means ‘story’ or ‘anecdote’ in Finnish, is an innovative concept store that puts the experience of shopping in a new light. The store responds to the current desire to take a more conscious, less impulsive approach to making purchases. At JUTTU, you have time to think about why you are buying something and consider its quality and sustainability. Five quirky lifestyle corners with around sixty exciting brands for your home and wardrobe inspire you to make a conscious choice and find the perfect purchase.

Slow and steady wins the race.

JUTTU transforms shopping into a total experience. The 700 m² concept store is divided into five inspiring corners, each with their own mix of fashion and design. Whether you love eclectic (ORIGIN), natural elements (AIR) or sleek chic (MAJESTIC), the more than 100 brands at JUTTU stand out thanks to their story and vision. You can also wander over to the food corner, ‘Jummy’, for delicious organic food. This is not a shop where you rush in and rush back out again. Instead of cram-packed shelves, expect space and peacebetween the corners. There are no salespeople: JUTTU has lifestyle specialists and stylists. The personal approach is key, even on the country’s busiest shopping street!

Let’s start with a brief introduction. Share with us anything interesting about the roots / concept of your business…

My name is Lore Pieters, I am Editorial Coordinator for JUTTU (part of the company Retail Concepts). Our headquarter is based in Hoboken, Belgium (near Antwerp). JUTTU launched in November 2015, when we opened the first store in Antwerp. In December Bruges was opened and end of March a 3rd store in Roeselare. We are also about to launch a webshop soon!

What other brands / products do you stock?

JUTTU offers more than 100 different brands in fashion, home and food. All our brands have a story to tell, a 'Juttu'. Whether they produce locally, started from an original idea, produce environmentally friendly, have a specific approach or are socially engaged: they all have something to share.

What’s the primary focus of your business?

JUTTU offers fashion, homeware and food for open minded, positive and conscious men and women.

What your favourite piece from Komodo’s SS16 Collection?

The Mota Tunic dressis my favourite. It's light and comfy. Plus, a blue dress always works!

What is the one ethical issue you are most concerned with?

It is hard to pick only one, as we notice from our brands and their stories, there are so many issues to worry about. But If I have to choose one, I would say humanity in fashion sector is the most important one. It affects everyone who works in our sector and is still a major issues in many low-wage countries.

What are you most looking forward to in SS16?

SS16 will be our first whole season we have at JUTTU. I'm excited to see how it'll go and what learnings we will get out of it. So we can further continue the growth of JUTTU.

How do you see the future of ethical fashion?

We see that consumers become more critical, they are more conscious of what they buy. I hope this trend continues to increase. The more people are aware of what they buy, where and how the item is made, the bigger the part ethical fashion will represent in total. This will only encourage producers to be more ethical themselves!


What is your all time favourite item of clothing in your personal wardrobe ?

I am a true denim fan: it is timeless, goes with every other color and texture and (if well made) is a piece that you can keep for years!


Tell us something unique about your shop?

The JUTTU stores are designed to do slow shopping in and transform shopping into a total experience. Products are shown by style, not by brand. So depending on your mood, you will find your perfect match in one of our five corners: Her, His, Majestic, Air or Origin.

Get inspired & shop at www.juttu.be

What’s the best thing about your city?

Antwerp is a great city with a concentrated center: you can find anything you need with just a little walk: food, shopping, sleeping, entertainment. It's all there!

Where’s your favourite place to eat (and what’s the best dish)?

When you're in Antwerp, check out CoffeeLabs. They have good food (do try the biological quiches!) and a great rooftop terrace. It's the perfect place for a work lunch of even an after work drink when the sun is out.

What should I do/see when visiting your city?

JUTTU :) After your delicious quiche at CoffeeLabs, drop by at the JUTTU store, located on the main shopping street Meir. It only 1 minute away.

Home of brands, house of friends.

JUTTU puts several creative designers in the spotlight every season. They have the chance to experiment with their own pop-up space in the store.

Not just a paper

Shopping at JUTTU is synonymous with experience ... and much, much more. JUTTU fans will regularly be able to devour letters and pixels in JUTTUgram, a genuine newspaper featuring news items and photographs of the JUTTU brands, styling tips, fun facts, op-eds, interviews with designers, and more. Plus: you will be able to find out where the JUTTU team hangs out when they’re not at work.

Not just a store. Not just a paper.

If you could describe working with Komodo with one sentence, what would it be?

The Komodo employees are committed, they do their work with passion and that shows. Keep up the good work!


JUTTU Store Details

JUTTU Antwerp

Meir 19

2000 Antwerpen

Monday - Thursday 10-18h

Friday - Saturday 10-18h30

Open every first Sunday of the month

JUTTU Antwerp

Meir 19

2000 Antwerpen

Monday - Thursday 10-18h

Friday - Saturday 10-18h30

Open every first Sunday of the month

JUTTU Brugge

Noordzandstraat 54

8000 Brugge

Monday - Saturday 10-18h

Open every first Sunday of the month

JUTTU Roeselare

Ooststraat 20/22

8800 Roeselare

Monday - Saturday 10-18h

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